by Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Monday 2 June 2014

Chocoholics, your wish of a chocolate room has come true! Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio created this new installation named Stroke at Jupiter Artland in Edinburgh. And yes, if you dare, you may lick the walls.

Here’s what Jupiter Artland had to say about the installation: ‘The entire room is covered in thick dark chocolate, lightly scented if not overwhelming. The desire to interact by picking, licking or stroking the chocolate covered walls is almost compulsive. What is beautiful as so often in this artists practice, becomes putrid and decayed’. Ok, so the words ‘putrid’ and ‘decayed’ are probably not enticing, so you better go visit before the chocolate goes putrid. Though I’m guessing there are a few people out there that’d eat chocolate regardless of its state.

Via Beautiful Decay