Featured Image for A portable folding napkin table makes for close but awkward dates

A portable folding napkin table makes for close but awkward dates

It’s time to take ‘getting to know you’ to whole ‘nother level by using this portable napkin table. Developed by graduate students from the Tunghai University in Taiwan, the portable dining table is strapped around the necks of two diners, stretching the napkin into a flat surface where they could place plates, cups, and utensils. There’s also small pockets that secure the utensils and serve as cup holders. With this nifty device, your hot date will get attached to you in no time – like literally!

‘…it is a product responding to the dining culture which is influenced by the modern technology’, reads the description on their YouTube page. ‘Communication technology should make us more convenient to connect with others, however, it seems like we are more unfamiliar with our friends and folks when sitting on the dining table.This conclusion inspires us to figure out if there is a new tableware which can improve the relationship and interaction between people when eating’.

Via Design Boom

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