by Inigo del Castillo in New Illustration on Sunday 1 June 2014

Elsa might not have wanted to build a snowman, but Tim Burton sure did – or at least the young illustrator who drew in his iconic style. Japanese artist Yoko just re-imagined Disney’s Frozen as a Tim Burton film, giving Elsa, Anna, Sven, Hans, and Kristoff, a very dark makeover. In this short exclusive interview, Yoko talks more about herself and her beloved series. [Read our original post about her here.]

Was it hard trying to draw in the style of Tim Burton?
It was not hard. It’s fun being able to draw!

How long did it take you to finish the ‘Frozen – Tim Burton Style’ drawings?
It took me 9 hours to finish this drawing!

You said drawing pictures is your hobby. Have you ever thought about pursuing drawing as a career?
I’ve just begun to draw as an illustrator. Recently, I’ve been working on some illustrations for a game.

You obviously love Disney films. What’s your favorite film to draw, and why?
My favorite would be Monsters, Inc. I love the character design of this work!

Which Disney characters are you planning to draw next using Tim Burton’s style?
I haven’t thought about it yet. I got great feedback about my ‘Frozen’ characters on the internet and many people want me to draw the same characters. So I might draw the characters again.