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Here’s what your favourite cartoon characters USED to look like

Back in the 80’s when The Simpsons first aired on TV, Homer, Marge and the kids looked a whole lot different than they do today. Marge’s blue hair was nowhere near as tall as it is today, and Bart’s expression was a lot less cheeky and a lot more aggressive.

The Shrek character also changed dramatically over the years, from a typical picture book drawing to a more animated and friendly character.

Take a look at these iconic cartoon characters and see the dramatic changes they’ve taken to get them to where they are today.

Via BuzzFeed

Charlie Brown in 1950 and later.
Snoopy in 1950 and then today.
Pinoccio, first in 1911 and today.
My Little Pony in 1984 and in 2014.
Arthur, first in 1976 and then today.
Garfield, first in 1978, and later.
Cinderella, from 1865 to 1950.
The Simpsons, from 1987 to 2014.

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