Featured Image for The world’s largest Lego tower was just built in Budapest

The world’s largest Lego tower was just built in Budapest

If you’re into Lego and you’re into towers and you’re into breaking records, this article’s for you. This week there was a record broken in Budapest for the world’s largest Lego tower. It’s been ‘certified as the world’s tallest toy brick structure by Guinness World Records’ and comes in at a staggering 34.76 metres.

That’s just a smidge above last year’s tower that measured 34.4 metres. But don’t get too excited. The record for the tallest Lego structure has been broken at least twice a year, for the past decade. So really, 34.76 metres? That’s nothing compared to the next one!


The tallest Lego tower was built in Budapest and measures 34.76 metres
The record was officially registered to Lego Store Budapest on May 25
The Lego tower featured images from computer games and contained hundreds of thousands of plastic bricks

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