Featured Image for Famous Chunkies: illustrator reimagines famous characters as overweight

Famous Chunkies: illustrator reimagines famous characters as overweight

Poor Batman, he’s gonna get a lot of ‘Yo Mama’ jokes with that gut hanging out of the Batsuit. In ‘Famous Chunkies’, Chicago-based artist Alex Solis reimagines many famous pop culture characters as having put on a few – ok maybe A LOT – of pounds.

Now overweight and obese, many of them are struggling to fulfill the butt-kicking stunts they once did. For instance, Spider-Man may not be as acrobatic as he used to be, seeing as he can’t even hang on to his webbing anymore. Superman? No longer faster than a speeding bullet. Super Mario? Can’t even fit in those green pipes anymore.

Via Design Taxi

famous chunkies1
famous chunkies2
famous chunkies4
famous chunkies5
famous chunkies8
famous chunkies10
famous chunkies12
famous chunkies14
famous chunkies17
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