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Yup, this is the first dog ever to fly in a wingsuit

This is a video of Whisper, a 4-year old miniature Australian cattle dog attempting the first ever doggy wingsuit flight with his human, base jumper Dean Potter. Called ‘When Dogs Fly’, the Adidas-sponsored feature shows the canine inside Potter’s backpack, with his head popped out, as they both lunge into the valley below. They both land safely, with Whisper jumping for joy as he comes out of the backpack.

The stunt has caused mixed criticism, with some saying that this was an act of animal cruelty, basically forcing the dog to endure a traumatic experience. But on his website, Potter says, ‘Whisper is tuned into my emotions and is always trying to figure out what I need and how she can help me in her own doggie way. Whisper is always ready for an adventure and all that she wants is to be with her pack and keep her family safe and together’.

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