by Elise Boyd in New Photography on Wednesday 28 May 2014

For anyone who frequently lurks Reddit or Instagram, you might have seen some glimpses of this amazing photo series which was released in its entirety today. After months of shooting, Redditor and photographer Tim Dodd (u/termderd) has unveiled his first photo series – “A day in the life of Everyday Astronaut”.

Back in 2013, Tim decided to bid on a Russian high altitude space suit on auction website RRauction. And then he won the auction, and one of the greatest things on the interwebs ever unfolded.

Tim spent the next few months sweating and chafing away in his space suit, capturing this clever, brilliantly executed photo series, uploading them Reddit and Instagram along the way.

Photography and captions via Tim Dodd. Check out his Instagram too!

UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt from our upcoming exclusive interview with Tim Dodd!

Were you surprised that this became popular on Reddit and the rest of the web? How does it feel to have your work go viral?

I was hoping for something big, and I certainly tried to appeal to reddit as a ‘launch’ platform. I hid their logo (snoo) in every single picture, and every picture has space history facts for the actual space nerds. I felt like I had touched bases with most potential audiences by having slapstick humor, hidden elements, and actual space facts and history for the real fans. I’ve had work go viral before, but it’s great to see what kind of reaction this has had. I’ve had more positive feedback and excitement from this project than anything else.