Featured Image for The world’s most expensive donut will cost you over $1,500

The world’s most expensive donut will cost you over $1,500

Usually a coffee break will cost you under $10 for a cuppa and a snack. But if you’ve got deep pockets, you might want to consider this Krispy Kreme monstrosity, err, dessert. It’s called a champagne donut and it’s adorned by ‘a gilded white chocolate lotus, festooned with edible diamonds, stuffed with Dom Perignon champagne jelly, and sprinkled with 24 karat gold leaf’.

You can breathe a sigh of relief though. Krispy Kreme UK created this treat to raise money for The Children’s Trust, an organization that provides support to children with brain injury. Oh yeah, and it can be all yours for just $1,685.

Via Food Beast

The champagne donut

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