Featured Image for In the market for a, umm, pooping dog lamp?

In the market for a, umm, pooping dog lamp?

Most of us try to avoid doggie doo-doo, but then there are others, like artist Whatshisname, that make it into art. Not literally, thank goodness. Born in Poland and now based in London, this artist gets quite crafty with his lamp creations, though not everyone is a fan. His lamp series ‘Good Boy’ was banned from London’s Art Below show for being ‘offensive’. Because nothing is more offensive than art that imitates life, right?

Via Whatshisname

Good Boy
Good Boy
Good Puppy
Good Puppy

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Rachel Oakley is an Aussie writer based in NYC with an obsession for the creepy, cool and quirky side of life. Some of her main passions include philosophy, art, travel, and sarcasm.

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