Featured Image for Frostie the sweater-wearing snow goat uses a custom cart to help him walk

Frostie the sweater-wearing snow goat uses a custom cart to help him walk

Careful now, you might either explode from an overload of cuteness, or shed buckets of tears over this baby goat’s success story. Frostie the snow goat was born with joint-navel ill, a disease common among kid goats and young calves resulting from an infection in the mother’s umbilical cord. The disease spread to Frostie’s hind legs, rendering them unusable.

But thanks to the kind-hearted people over at Edgar’s Mission in Victoria, Australia, Frostie was able to take his first steps with the help of a custom cart. Check out the video below to see the cute goat wagging its tail – effectively melting our hearts – and finally getting to walk. Dang it, where are the tissues when you need them?

Via Laughing Squid

frostie 1
frostie 3
frostie 5

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