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Interview with face painting artist, Christy Lewis

New Zealand-based artist Christy Lewis will make you believe little kids have morphed into superheroes, wild animals, and monsters with her amazing face painting skills. She’s been so successful at her craft that she’s already turned it into a business and is well known in festivals and birthday parties.

In this exclusive interview, Lewis talks about how she got started and her life as a face paint artist so far. [Read our original post about Christy Lewis here.]

How did you discover face painting and how did it transform into a full-time business?
I started painting simple faces on my daughter who loved having her face painted. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to unleash my creativity. People would see her painted face and started asking if I did birthday parties or events, I realised it was something I could really enjoy doing as a business and it all just grew from there.

What’s your favourite subject to paint and why? What’s been the most difficult to paint, so far?
I really love painting animals, it is a lot of fun to create designs that can really change the shape of the human face, and transform people into something else. I also really love the pretty stuff like the fairies and flowers.

What’s been the most difficult to paint…. having 2 girls I have really had to think hard to come up with designs that boys love. Although my 2 year old son has taught me a lot in the last few years and I am looking forward to creating designs just for him…. when he is old enough to sit still that is.

What’s the weirdest face painting request you’ve received from a kid?
I have had so many different requests there is not a lot that I find strange anymore…. A little girl asking for bacon and eggs is probably not something I would have expected though.

How long does each face painting take to finish?
When I am out on a job most paintings take between 3 – 6 minutes, although at home when I am painting my own kids and I am coming up with something new it can take up to an hour.

What designs are you planning to paint next?
At the moment I am working on a few designs that I am putting into my step by step face painting book that I am hoping to have finished later this year.

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