by Low Lai Chow in New Photography on Friday 23 May 2014

No words can describe how amazing these photos by Michael Christopher Brown are. Over at his Instagram account, he has been documenting Congelese street kids frolicking about at play, not in playgrounds, but abandoned airplanes at Democratic Republic of Congo’s Goma Airport that now serve as fun hangouts for them.

As Brown wrote, ‘… planes left due to wars and volcanic eruptions over the past two decades have become a playground for street children, some of whom sell the parts which are made into stoves and other items to be sold on the streets of Goma.’ He lucked out too as outsiders are usually prohibited from photographing the airport; however, he was able to gain access during a lapse when nobody was guarding this part of the airport during mid-Dec 2012, right after the departure of the M23 rebel force and before the D.R.C.’s military returned to the city.

Via MessyNessyChic