by Inigo del Castillo in New Events on Friday 23 May 2014

Better prep some tissue, just in case the feels get to you. 9-year old Ken from the Philippines dreamed about building an animal shelter to rescue strays from the city pound, where most of them are put down. Like any kid his age, he didn’t have the money to put up the shelter.

So armed with paper plates and canned goods, he began caring for the dogs in his neighborhood, namely, Blackie, Brownie, and White Puppy.

Photos of his kindness at work began circulating online, and soon enough, donations began pouring in. ‘We got enough money to get the dogs I was feeding off the street, feed them high quality canned food, and provide them with veterinary care,’ he says on his website. With the help of his dad, they built a small wooden shelter, naming it ‘The Happy Animals Club’.

The three dogs, who were previously malnourished, mangy, and afraid of humans, became healthy, sheltered, and most importantly, happy. Today, Ken has bigger plans. He just leased a lot for an entire year, which he’ll use to put up a full-fledged no-kill animal shelter.

Oh what’s that? There’s some dirt in your eye? Yeah me too. To support The Happy Animals Club, you can donate here.

Via Huffington Post