by Milo Sumner in New Photography on Thursday 22 May 2014

This new photo series by French photographer Maia Flore covers 5,600km and 25 iconic locations in her native country. Flore was commissioned by Institut Francais to spend her summer travelling up and down France, taking her contemporary artist’s eye to historic sites and monuments. In doing this, she was able to re-imagine places that have been part of French culture for years, sometimes centuries.

Her photography works in perfect symbiosis with the locations, complementing mountain castles and royal opera houses, while remaining playful and slightly tongue in cheek.

The images are quintessentially summery and mischeivous, but also reverent and serene. Flore frequently includes the figures of young woman interacting with buildings and landscapes, this appears to somewhat of a motif of hers as she has previously created a series entitled Sleep Elevation, in which young woman dream as they float away.

You can see the whole series and more of Maia Flore’s photography here