by Inigo del Castillo in New Film on Thursday 22 May 2014

Godzilla is back to wreak havoc – and try to redeem itself from its Matthew Broderick-led 1998 disaster of a movie – as it stomps its way back into theaters this summer. But did you know that realistically speaking, Godzilla’s huge anatomy is impossible?

According to Popular Mechanics, ‘Since his first awakening, the radioactive, fire-spewing kaiju has grown 200 feet and put on more than 150,000 tons. Godzilla is now 30 stories tall and weighs as much as a cruise ship. No actual animal could take the pressure of being so massive: It would overheat, its organs would implode, and it would need to mainline butter to get enough calories’.

They also surveyed some scientists and came back with these tidbits: He’s overweight. His 164,000 ton weight surpasses the theoretical weight limit of a land animal – which is around 110 to 1100 tons. On a rampage, Godzilla’s metabolism would produce ‘enough energy to power to fuel a town of 3000 people’.

You can check out more scientific research on Godzilla over at Popular Mechanics.