by Milo Sumner in New Photography on Wednesday 21 May 2014

I don’t have a tattoo. I probably never will. It’s too much commitment, too forever, but more importantly it’s a huge statement to make and I don’t have the guts. Having a tattoo in the first place says a lot about somebody, and you can glean so much from a person depending on what their tattoo is.

From the tiny star on a girls ankle, to the tribal whorls covering a whole torso, there’s a huge selection of tattoos out there that say a lot about people, but go covered up and unseen most of the time.

Vancouver-based photographer Spencer Kovats has created a new series focusing on exactly this. It’s called The Tattoo Project, and it’s fantastic. Each photograph reveals different people’s hidden tattoos, whether dainty or daring. His subjects are varied and some are definitely more surprising than others. See for yourself, and if your stuck on whether or not to get a tattoo maybe this will help you make your decision.

You can see more of Spencer Kovats award-winning photography here