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Aw! Happy soon-to-be mum celebrates pregnancy as a pinup girl

Ingenious! Victoria Savostianova of Sun Inside Photography did this fun themed photoshoot with a soon-to-be mum, Natasha Davidenko Mokrousova, remaking her as a gorgeously styled pregnant pin-up girl. It’s a cute and celebratory take on the important life event.

UPDATE: We got an exclusive interview with Victoria in the! Here’s a taste of what she said.

The words, ‘sexy’ and ‘pregnancy’ don’t always get mentioned in the same sentence. How do you bring out the sexy side of pregnancy in your photos?

Usually I don’t think my main task is to create the most comfortable and natural atmosphere for a future mom and to help her understand what she wants her photos to be. I love this feminine tenderness of maternity but if my model feels sexy, ok, we will capture this. I believe that a good photo session consists of a good mood and memories about the photo shoot itself. Then it’s the photos, of course. Most people enter the studio being very tense (I know it myself). So it’s such a delight to hear from my models after the photo session that it went so smoothly and relaxed that the time flashed by.

Professional makeup and hairdo, attention of the photographer during several hours, feeling like a star – what could be better for any woman to feel like a beautiful woman? And then to get these memories captured on the photos and revive them whenever she feels blue.

Click here for the full interview.

Pinup pregnant girl
Pinup pregnant girl
Pinup pregnant girl
Pinup pregnant girl

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