Featured Image for Wanderlust: a lake in Palau where you can swim with millions of golden jellyfish and not get stung

Wanderlust: a lake in Palau where you can swim with millions of golden jellyfish and not get stung

How to one up your friends: 1. Go to Jellyfish Lake in Palau 2. Swim with the non-harmful golden jellyfish and take lots of selfie videos 3. Tell them the jellyfish are actually deadly and you’re just too much of a badass to care.

This is a video of Nana Trongratanawong snorkeling amongst the millions of golden jellyfish – like a real wanderlust-filled badass – at Jellyfish Lake in Palau. According to Wikipedia, snorkeling in the lake is a popular activity amongst tourists. With regards to safety, ‘both species of jellyfish living in the lake have stinging cells, they are not in general powerful enough to cause harm to humans.

It has been reported that it is possible to notice the stings on sensitive areas like the area around the mouth’. The site adds that saltwater crocodiles and hydrogen sulfide are a serious risk to scuba divers, but generally do not pose a risk for snorkelers, who remain near the surface.

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