57 year old Japanese man learns to scuba dive to fulfill his promise to bring home his missing wife’s remains

57 year-old Japanese man Yasuo Takamatsu tragically lost his wife, Yuko, to the 2011 tsunami, one of 2,636 people that remain missing to this day. She was at her office when the 9.0 earthquake that generated the tsunami struck and sent Yasuo an email saying: ‘Are you OK? I want to go home’. It was the last time he heard from her.

He subsequently made a pledge to Yuko that he would bring back her remains, and now, nearly three years later, he has begun the long process towards getting proficient and certified enough to be able to dive for her body.

‘She wrote, I want to go home, he says, ‘because I know that she feels that way. I want to look for her myself rather than depend on others to do it’. It’s a heart-wrenchingly beautiful story, as this video affirms.

Via Global News