by Inigo del Castillo in New Design on Monday 19 May 2014

Here’s something that would make you want to be a kid again. The brainchild of inventor Trisha Cleveland, the SlideRider is a set of foldable mats that will turn your boring, old staircase into an all-weather, impromptu indoor slide. Why walk down the stairs when you could effortlessly slide down, right?

Parents need not worry about safety. It comes with built-in hand rails that prevent riders from sliding off the mat. It’s also built from a lightweight but sturdy foam that could support a child’s weight. Pillows at the bottom of the slide would be a good idea too. Or better yet, a kiddie pool! When not in use – which would be zero percent of the time – it can be folded and tucked away.

Cleveland is currently working with Quirky to make the SlideRider a reality. You can know more about the project here.

Via The Awesomer