Squirrels and Chickadees eating together will be the cutest thing you’ll see all day

Here’s a quick picker upper. Quebec-based photographer Andre Villenueve has captured the cute and cuddly dynamic duo of a squirrel and a chickadee (heh. I said chickadee) eating together. It’s the fluffiest thing you’ll see all day!

Villenueve shoots a diverse range of wildlife, but he says his favourites are the red squirrel and the chickadee (there it is again!). We completely get why he loves shooting these creatures, they’re absolutely adorable!

Check out his website for stunning photos of woodland creatures – and more squirrels!

Via Bored Panda

Andre Villeneuve1
Andre Villeneuve
Andre Villeneuve4
Andre Villeneuve5
Andre Villeneuve8
Andre Villeneuve9
Andre Villeneuve
Andre Villeneuve6
Andre Villeneuve

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