by Zolton in New Art on Thursday 15 May 2014

Jessica Harrison, you’ve done it again. Not content with distorting the inherent beauty of her Victorian-era stylised work via subtle destruction of her figurines, Harrison has now created an epic series of porcelain figurines sporting sailor tattoos. Wild. The Scottish artist will be showing this work at Paris’s Galerie L.J. in a solo show titled FLASH with the exhibition starting today and running until June 24.

UPDATE: Here’s a bit from our exclusive interview with Jessica Harrison. Check it out!

Seeing as you’ve been into sculpture all your artistic life, how difficult was it to move into tattoo art in your series about the Victorian-era ladies with tattoos?

It wasn’t difficult as it is not something different. I’m using the tattoo in this series to explore the skin space rather than creating any tattoo art itself, which is a completely different thing. Tattooing is not a painting or a drawing onto a static plane, it is incredibly sculptural, literally threading ink into a moving surface, one that has no flat surfaces. So although the pieces are called ‘Painted Ladies’ in reference to the old term for a tattooed woman, they in fact draw from something incredibly sculptural and active in space, the skin.

The tattoo imagery I have used is all from war-time source imagery, to recall a time before the popularity boom of the tattoo when it may be pointed more towards a particular kind of harsher life. The idea was to present opposing outer layers, contrasting skins, where masculine illustrations are intertwined with overtly over-idealized feminine costume. The viewer is presented with the question of what we are supposed to consider beautiful, which costume to believe.

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