by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Wednesday 14 May 2014

Photographer Anatasia Pottinger was lucky enough to have been approached by a 101-year old woman who wanted to model nude for her. The result of this collaboration is ‘Centenarians’, a nude photo series that explores the aging human body and its mortality.

Through the black and white images, Pottinger takes us through the tiny details of human flesh as it approaches its twilight years. Pottinger talks about the series on her website, ‘The response to the images has been remarkable. Viewers are visibly moved by what they are looking at. Whether it’s wondering ‘is this what I’m going to look like?’ or remembering a loved one – the response seems to be universally emotional on some level’.

While many may find the images of wrinkles, sun spots, pores, and sagging flesh a bit too much, it is perhaps the glimpse at our own body’s limitations and eventual decline that hits us hard. Pottinger does not in any way want us to vilify our mortality, rather, appreciate the beauty of our fading youth and the grace of old age.

Via Feature Shoot