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The Network Diaries: a mobile love story

Our phones and other smart devices have become part of us: they help us create and nurture relationships, find jobs and make our lives so so much easier. I can’t imagine a time in which it was impossible to contact another human being on a social network.

Nowadays, with #themobilemovement, flirtation and friendship are often born from innocent chatting on WhatsApp or from an appreciation of grumpy cat photos on Instagram.

The Network Diaries, a short film directed by award-winning Daryl Wein, is a true mobile love story.

AT&T was inspired to produce this film based on one of The Mobile Movement’s favorite young Americans: Matt Cruz, who y’all already met here.

It talks about a young couple: Matt, who is a production assistant from L.A. and Sophie, a girl who loves emoticons and everything techie, just as Matt does. Seems like a normal beginning of a totally normal relationship, right? Not really: they were both dating other people when they first met. At a double date. Ouch.

It was through a series of serendipitous, mobile occurrences, that their relationship becomes a reality. Let’s repeat: ouch. But love isn’t monotonous and the heart wants what the heart wants, right?

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The Network Diaries Let's Get Digital
The Network Diaries Let's Get Digital
The Network Diaries Let's Get Digital

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