Hero mum jumps out of burning building with 18-month old son: she may never walk again, but the child is uninjured

It’s rare that we share something on Lost At E Minor that actually made us cry, but this story of a hero mum made us stop and marvel at just how deeply parents care for their children – even in the face of the most adverse of conditions. Here’s the story, as told by CBS Boston, of a mum who jumped from a burning building, cradling her baby son,

“Lying in her hospital bed, Christina Simoes knows she may never walk again, but she says she’s thankful she and her toddler son are alive after she jumped from a burning building with him in her arms.

“Simoes said she was lying in the bed with Cameron when she saw smoke in her window and jumped up.

“That’s when I saw the flames were only 10 feet away from where I was standing,” Simoes recalled.

“With the fire spreading rapidly, Simoes said, she had no choice but to jump from a second-story balcony, holding on to Cameron for dear life.

“I grabbed my son and I held him as tight as I could to my chest and I gave him a kiss and a hug, and I told him I loved him and I jumped out the window,” Simoes told CBS Boston Sunday from her hospital bed.

“I don’t think that I’m any special hero at all. I’m just Cameron’s mom,” Simoes said.

You can contribute to her medical bills by donating here to a GoFundMe campaign.

Via CBS News