Featured Image for Want a unique tattoo? Try the eclecticism tattoos of this artist

Want a unique tattoo? Try the eclecticism tattoos of this artist

Seattle-based tattoo artist Steph Hanlon deviates from traditional forms of tattoos with her own style, one she likes to call ‘eclecticism’. She combines various influences, including modern art and abstraction, to form one-of-a-kind tattoos you’d see nowhere else.

Splashes of watercolour mixed with geometric shapes and abstract forms are a common theme in her work. Sometimes the fantastical and the macabre pop up, proving her ability to ink a wide range of subjects. Who says tattoos are only for burly sailors and bikers? Artists like Hanlon prove that body ink is also a form of art.

UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Steph Hanlon. Check it out!

Please tell us more about ‘Eclecticism’. Was this your style of tattooing right off the bat or did you develop it in time?

No, when I started I just wanted to tattoo anything….when you first start tattooing, you tattoo whatever comes in the door and over time you start to develop an understanding of what you like to tattoo, I think this is the best way to learn. For a long time I called myself a versatile artist because I enjoyed doing many different styles. That process developed into what I do today.

Eclecticism is a label I chose for myself, I feel this describes me and my art best. I personally don’t like being categorized or labeled, but I felt that if I had to have a label, then I was going to choose it. I have always loved many styles of art and mixing those styles together, I never really felt the need to stay within the confines of one style.

Click here for the full interview.


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