Featured Image for Limited edition, serial-numbered, gift-wrapped bananas sold for $6 in Japan

Limited edition, serial-numbered, gift-wrapped bananas sold for $6 in Japan

Think of these bananas as the survivors in The Hunger Games. They are the best of the best, the most fragrant and the most delicious bananas ever. While most bananas weigh in at 100g, these babies are heavyweights at 200g. They were also raised 500 meters above sea level in the Philippines. When the time came, they beat out several hundred other bananas to become part of an elite group of bananas.

They were then shipped to Tokyo, where they received serial numbers and became limited edition bananas. Sold at Takashimaya Department Store, the bananas were priced at 590 yen ($5.80) each. They came in a special box and only 59 were available for sale.

Why 59? Kotaku explains: ‘The name of these bananas is ‘Gokusen’ (極撰), with the character for ‘goku’ () referring to ‘extreme’ or ‘culmination,’ and the character for ‘sen’ () referring to ‘compilation’. Since today is May 9 (5/9), the event is a Japanese pun: the number five is ‘go’ (五), while the number nine is ‘ku’ (九)’.

Via Kotaku

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