Featured Image for Extraordinary photos of Octogoat: the goat born with 8 legs

Extraordinary photos of Octogoat: the goat born with 8 legs

Of course the internet had to go and dub the 8-legged goat as ‘Octogoat’. It’s sheer genius! On his farm in Croatia, farmer Zoran Paparic received the shock of his life when his goat Sarka gave birth to a kid with 8 legs and both male and female reproductive organs.

‘I counted his legs and I thought I was seeing things’, he recalls. ‘Then I called my neighbor to make sure that I am not crazy.’ Local vets say the reason for Octogoat’s condition is due to having an underdeveloped twin. It is highly unlikely that Octogoat will live up to a week, but if it does, vets say it could last two to three years.

Via Incredible Things

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