Featured Image for Preserve the love: humans inside vacuum-sealed bags for a condom company

Preserve the love: humans inside vacuum-sealed bags for a condom company

Uhhm, I’m pretty sure this isn’t how to use a condom. Japanese condom company, Condomania, collaborated with documentary photographer Hal and agency Ogilvy & Mather to create this peculiar ad featuring couples packed into vacuum-sealed bags. The caption reads: ‘Preserve the love. Wear a condom’.

What’s more surprising is that it did not involve any Photoshop techniques at all. In the video below, Hal guides the models into the empty futon bags, then an assistant vacuums the air out. Each couple can only be left inside for 10 seconds – lest they want to be preserved forever in the most claustrophobic way. In-between takes, the models sip oxygen from a can to recover.

The campaign aims to encourage safe sex and eternal love. We’re not sure how to humans tightly wrapped in plastic would make us think of everlasting love, but hey, it’s Japan.

Via Gizmodo


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