Onewheel: a Kickstarter project that brings us a step closer to the hover board.

Our scientists better be hard at work developing the hover board so that Marty McFly will have something to ride on come 2015. Meanwhile, we can have the next best thing: the Onewheel.

Part skateboard, part hover board, the 25-pound Onewheel lets you enjoy the feeling of getting stoked without having to exert any leg work. It’s electronically powered and uses motion sensors and a built-in gyroscope to balance itself. To move, you simply have to lean forward, and to stop, just lean back. A powerful algorithm helps determine the speed of the board, depending on how much you lean forward. It can reach a top speed of 12 mph, and it can go on like that for up to 30 minutes.

Kickstarter pledges of $1,200 will get you a Onewheel, and anything higher will get you an additional Ultra Charger and a custom edition board. The project has been an astounding success, bringing home around $609,596 worth of funding from 984 backers.


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