Featured Image for Hide those hideous power outlets with these miniature Japanese screen doors

Hide those hideous power outlets with these miniature Japanese screen doors

You just don’t know it but, the power outlets in your home are very private individuals. In fact, they’re going to want you to get them one of these covers by shoji screen designer Tori Sugimura.

Shoji screens are the dividers and doors you typically see in traditional Japanese homes. They are made of wood and washi paper, and serve as space-efficient room dividers. And they’re nice to look at too! That’s why Sugimura got the bright idea of integrating the shoji screen with power outlets, to make them look nicer and of course, give them some private time.

After months of developing the miniature screens, Sugimura has finally come out with several designs that are available for sale on his website. He also makes custom designs based on a customer’s specs.

Via Spoon-Tamago

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