by Rachel Oakley in Tech on Thursday 8 May 2014

Some people go their whole lives struggling with depression. Sometimes medication doesn’t work. Same with therapy, fresh air, exercise, and every thing else doctors prescribe us to get over the blues. A new piece of technology might fix all that. This helmet delivers electro-magnetic impulses to the brain and has ‘shown promise in treating people with depression’.

This helmet targets malfunctioning blood cells in the brain and contains seven coils that deliver ‘a dose of Transcranial Pulsating Electro Magnetic Fields (T-PEMF) to brain tissues’. Patients can’t detect any sensation during the process and the only side effect so far has been nausea, and at a very low amount.

Professor Steen Dissing of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Health Sciences is the helmet’s ‘principal architect’ and says of the helmet: ‘The device mimics electrical fields in the brain, and triggers the body’s own healing mechanism’.

Via BBC News