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Find out how long a TV series will take you to watch from start to finish

I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent an entire weekend binging on the two seasons of House of Cards in March. I’m also not ashamed that back in January I started watching Breaking Bad for the first time and finished all five seasons in a couple of weeks. I would’ve finished both TV shows earlier had work not gotten in the way. But want to know just how long it takes to watch a TV show from start to finish? Of course you do. How else will you be able to plan your weekends?

Sherlock comes in as the quickest TV show to ‘master’, at 14 hours. But if you’re thinking about binging on 24, you better pull a few sickies and tell the boss you won’t be in for the next week or so – watching that series from start to end will cost you 6 days and 2 hours. But hey, who’s counting?

Via Nielsen Top Ten

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