by Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Friday 2 May 2014

Ingrid Berthon Moine is nuts about testicles. While the rest of us artsy folk are obliviously eyeing the beauty of an Ancient Greek artifact, Berthon Moine is photographing their balls. Yeah, art is getting weird. Her aptly named series, Marbles, shows ‘careful renderings of the genitalia’ to ‘reveal tender folds of skin; set against the aged and worn marble, the apparent softness is complicated by durability’.

Berthon Moine isn’t just taking shots of testicles for no reason (because seriously, who would?) – she explains that up until recently, it was just women who were ‘made to feel aware of being watched, judges by their sexual allure’. Looks like the tables are turning now. How do you like it fellas?!

Via Beautiful Decay