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You had one job: now with a website of its own

Before the Internet, how on earth did we share images of epic fails? ‘You had one job’ is ‘an expression used to call attention to perceived blunders made by individuals on the job’. The earliest known mention of the phrase ‘took place in a scene from the 2001 remake of Ocean’s Eleven, in which Basher Tarr (a character played by Don Cheadle) scolds his team for missing a step that singlehandedly lead to the failure of an otherwise well-planned vault heist’.

Now, we have a website to go to, Had one job, to view each and every fail. Take a look at some of these images and have a bit of a laugh.

Via Had one job

You had one job - of constructing a computer
You had one job - of constructing a juice box
You had one job - of refilling the soda cups
You had one job - of attaching the tags
You had one job - of installing the neon sign
You had one job - of making a sneaker

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