Apps as charms for your bracelet: could this be a thing?

Hardware startup Mighty Cast have come up with the NEX band – a unisex bracelet for which customers will be able to purchase apps, in the shape of snap-on ‘mods’ that have a specific function, say tracking your activity or blinking when your friends are nearby.

The NEX band is not yet available on sale but Mighty Cast aim for it to become a platform or software marketplace – a thing that people would want to do, as the great Steve Jobs used to say – rather than just a gadget.

Mighty Cast had young, video game playing kids in mind when creating the NEX band. Yet, ‘if all of these applications sound a bit childish, it’s important to remember that young people are exactly who the NEX band is aimed at. Young people fluidly adopt new apps and services—and rapidly spread them to one another—in a way that older users don’t. The hope is that these technologies then trickle up.’

Via Quartz

NEX band first app store for hardware?
NEX band first app store for hardware?
NEX band first app store for hardware?

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