Featured Image for A waffle made out of vanilla ice cream bathed in maple syrup espresso

A waffle made out of vanilla ice cream bathed in maple syrup espresso

Dominique Ansel, the devil, err I mean the chef who masterminded the Cronut, is back with another sinister, diet-destroying dessert: the Waffogato. It takes Tahitian vanilla ice cream and moulds it into a waffle. Warm maple syrup with espresso is then poured onto it. Toppings like tapioca balls, sea salt, and Belgian waffle bits are added to give it that added kick. Basically, it’s everything your taste buds dream of, but everything your belly dreads.

The first person to ever try this gastronomic Frankenstein’s monster is TV show host Wendy Williams.

The Waffogato will make its debut at ‘Taste of the Nation’, a fundraising event by ‘Share of Strength’. For the rest of us, the dessert will be available in his Soho bakery staring May 9th. Brace yourselves, long lines and many knockoffs are coming.

Via Food Beast

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