by Inigo del Castillo in New Art on Wednesday 30 April 2014

These astonishing face paintings by New Zealand-based artist Christy Lewis, aka Daizy, will make you do a double-take, or maybe even a triple-take even. Whenever she wants to try out a new design, she simply calls on her two daughters and son to be her guinea pigs models in her artistic experiments. After finishing yet another unbelievable work, she calls on her husband, Mark, to take photographs.

Her passion and talent for face painting has led her to establish ‘Daizy Face Painting’, which has now become well-known in parties and festivals throughout Wellington and Kapiti Coast.

When it comes to subject matter, she can paint anything to life, from monsters, to superheroes, to animals. ‘When somebody asks for an animal or creature, I love painting something so extreme that when they look in the mirror they no longer see their own face, but that animal staring back at them’, Lewis said in a BuzzFeed interview.

UPDATE: Here’s a excerpt from our exclusive interview with Christy Lewis!

What’s your favourite subject to paint and why? What’s been the most difficult to paint, so far?

I really love painting animals, it is a lot of fun to create designs that can really change the shape of the human face, and transform people into something else. I also really love the pretty stuff like the fairies and flowers.

What’s been the most difficult to paint…. having 2 girls I have really had to think hard to come up with designs that boys love. Although my 2 year old son has taught me a lot in the last few years and I am looking forward to creating designs just for him…. when he is old enough to sit still that is.

Click here for the full interview.

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