by Inigo del Castillo in New Illustration on Tuesday 29 April 2014

PMS – aka Prepare to Meet Satan – is one of the greatest mysteries in a man’s life. During this strenuous and life-changing time of the month, women experience abdominal cramps, nasty headaches, swollen breasts, and violent mood swings, turning them into blood thirsty beasts that no man would ever dare approach.

To give guys an idea of this inner turmoil that happens to women, the female staff over at BuzzFeed created these hilarious illustrations showing us what a period feels like. The drawings reveal women being attacked by birds, knives, and demons. Some illustrations show the uterus as the Eye of Sauron, the elevator from ‘The Shining’, and Grumpy Cat.

Two guys also weighed in on what they thought of PMS, drawing in tender boobs, sad ovaries, and of course, blood, blood, and more blood!

Via BuzzFeed