by Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Tuesday 29 April 2014

So this is the coolest public park ever! British designer Thomas Heatherwick (the designer behind Teesside Power Station and those super cool new London double deckers) has designed a park out of a desert.

Located in Abu Dhabi, the site will occupy 125,000 square-metres and will ‘provide play areas, picnic areas, vegetable gardens and cafes, interspersed with a variety of plants and flowers native to the Gulf’. Heatherwisk says of the project: ‘The project evolved as a series of cracked pieces of the desert surface raised on columns to form a gentle dome across the site. These elevated pieces create a perforated canopy of partial shade under which a lush garden can grow, protected from the harsh excesses of the hot desert sun. This sunken oasis becomes a landscape of plants and mature trees, forming a series of interconnected public recreational spaces.’

Such a cool concept!

Via Dezeen