Featured Image for In Singapore, you can sign up to earn money when you shed your fats

In Singapore, you can sign up to earn money when you shed your fats

The Health Services and Systems Research department of Singapore’s Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School is now recruiting participants in a research trial for ‘incentives on obesity’. The randomized controlled trial basically works economic incentives into weight loss programs to see how well participants fare on losing weight and maintaining their weight thereafter after a four-month obesity management program.

While all participants will undergo the four-month obesity management program, two-thirds will be on the incentive program that allows them to earn up to about US$525 cash over the duration, while one-third will receive just a fairness sum for taking part. If you’re a healthy adult, aged 21-65 and have a BMI of 25-40, you can enrol.

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Low Lai Chow travels light and is working on exercising demons from her past. Find out more about her at lowlaichow.com.

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