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Part man, part ceramic, all Robocup

Crime Dehydration has a new enemy, and it comes in the form of ceramic law enforcer, Robocup. Officer Alex Murphy was once a your average street cup, until he was shot and left for dead, then turned into a cybernetic policeman ready to serve you tea or coffee. Now made from flesh, steel, and high-quality ceramic, Robocup’s daily mission is to give all a sip of justice. The streets of Detroit will never be the same with this beverage-wielding, crime fighting robot at your hands.

Created by OmniCup and sold online at Firebox, you can own this multi-million dollar piece of weaponry for just £12.99.

About the author

Inigo is a writer and graphic designer from Manila, Philippines. He is a soldier of love who will carry you on his strong back of awesomeness when the zombie apocalypse arrives.

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