by Rachel Oakley in New Music on Friday 25 April 2014

This is either the most ridiculous or most genius creation ever. I still can’t decide! Here is a fully-functioning pipe organ made out of nothing but Pringles cans. Brooklyn-based mixed-media artist collective Fall On Your Sword is behind this musical instrument, which was inspired by the organ in The Goonies.

Co-founder of Fall On Your Sword Will Bates gives the lowdown on the project: ‘We built ten keys below the organ’s pipes by connecting the cans to springs. Pushing a key triggers a tone, causing air generated by hidden fans within the tubes to flow out of the pipes at the top of the organ. We want the piece to feel like a real instrument, so the tones will be based on manipulated recordings of organ tones and resonances played through the cans themselves. Participants can make up their own tune, and have their own unique experience with the piece’.

Via Junk Culture