by Inigo del Castillo in Cool Travel on Thursday 24 April 2014

The deserted island of Poveglia in Venice. It’s been called ‘the island of madness’, ‘Hell’, ‘the most haunted place on Earth’. Locals have a saying that goes: ‘when an evil man dies, he wakes up in Poveglia’. And all this can be yours for the low, low price of your sanity and soul.

The Italian government is offering a 99-year lease to interested parties willing to take over this prime piece of real estate, which is conveniently located just 10 minutes away from Saint Marco Square! So why isn’t anyone biting on the offer? Let me count the ways.

Back in the late 19th century, the island was used as a place to quarantine plague victims. For over a century, Poveglia became the final resting place of these people, causing many to believe that these victims still haunt the place. In 1922, a hospital for the mentally ill was set up. Soon, rumour circulated that the crazed doctor performed numerous lobotomies on his patients. He would later take his own life by jumping off the bell tower. More recently, the ‘Ghost Adventures’ crew claimed one of them got possessed after having spent a night there.

But hey, ghosts and evil spirits aside, your own island near Venice at a rock-bottom price? What more could you ask for?