by Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Thursday 24 April 2014

Think of the most expensive meal you’ve ever eaten. Now multiply that price by 5 or so. For many, it’s a price not worth paying, but for some (cough, the 1%, cough), it’s a price that makes it all the more exclusive and rewarding. Conde Nast Traveler recently published a list of the world’s most expensive restaurants and you’ll be surprised just how much some are willing to pay to sit in a certain restaurant.

The least expensive of this 8-restaurant list is Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester in London. If you dine here, you’ll be shelling out $301 for a seven-course tasting menu of seared foie gras paired with herb pasta and morels. Forget about any wine pairings though. And for the most expensive? It goes to Kitcho in Kyoto, Japan. You can forget about paying rent after dining here. It’ll cost diners around $600 to ‘indulge in kaiseki, a style of dining many believe to be the epitome of carefully conceived and executed Japanese fare’. Bon Appetit!

Via Business Insider