Featured Image for True love: Star Wars X-Wing and TIE Fighter engagement rings

True love: Star Wars X-Wing and TIE Fighter engagement rings

Do you know what everlasting and unconditional love sounds like? Pew pew pew! These Star Wars-inspired engagement rings from Paul Michael Design will bring balance to the Force, or your love life, rather. The sapphire X-Wing is currently unavailable (probably went on another Death Star run.) But the 1 carat Black Diamond TIE Fighter is locked and loaded for you to TIE the knot!

It’s amazing how he’s taken pieces of pop culture and transformed them into elegant and gorgeous jewelry that even non-fans of the trilogy (BLASPHEMY!) will adore. You can check out more sci-fi engagement rings on Paul Michael’s Etsy page.

UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Paul Michael himself!

How did you get started in making geeky jewelry and what was your first ever design?

I have always made interesting and quirky designs, I guess the match was lit when we did the Original R2D2 rings. From there things started to go viral and my youth and my geeky passions just took over. It is AMAZING there are so much fun content to translate into jewelry. I need a 40 hour day just to keep up with my ideas.

Click here for the full interview.

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