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One giant leap for humanity: the pizza cake

Move over, Cronut, we’ve found our new food abomination: the pizza cake. Boston Pizza is currently holding, ‘Pizza Game Changers’, a competition to find out the most innovative and game changing pizza idea there is by way of fan voting. So far, the cake pizza – a six-layer dish stuffed with cheese, pepperoni, ham, and sausage – has been the fan favourite, garnering more than 3, 100 votes.

Second place goes to a box of tiny pizza mints, pizza-shaped breath fresheners that come in a tiny Boston Pizza box. It has only 607 votes. Third place belongs to a gas-powered pizza cutter, having 459 votes. Other notable entries include: a pizza-shape shirt pocket for holding pizzas, pizza clippers, and pizza car fresheners.

With a solid lead against its competition, it looks like the pizza cake will soon become a reality and be part of Boston Pizza’s menu. No word yet as to how much the cake pizza will cost.

Via Geekologie

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