Featured Image for Have cute cats swim in your coffee with these feline-shaped marshmallows

Have cute cats swim in your coffee with these feline-shaped marshmallows

An adorable cat peeking at you while it takes a bath in your coffee? You’ll need to have a heart of stone to eat that cute marshmallow. Nagano, Japan-based marshmallow company Yawahada has created its most endearing product yet, CafeCat, a feline-shaped marshmallow.

Released just last February, the floating cat was inspired by its predecessor, the sleeping cat marshmallow – which oddly enough, looked like a drowned cat in a hot cup of cocoa. So the guys at Yawahada decided to make a less morbid cat marshmallow.

For 860 yen (around $8), the package includes two cats and four cat paw prints (two in vanilla and two in chocolate flavour.) Sadly, the company only takes domestic orders for now. But if you’re in the neighbourhood, just place your order three weeks in advance and you’ll soon have little cats swimming in your morning tea or coffee.

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