by Rachel Oakley in New Fashion on Monday 21 April 2014

One of the most dangerous things about biking to work isn’t the traffic. It’s when your trousers get caught in your pedals and you tumble over. We’ve all been there. We’ve also experienced the sweaty armpits and restricting fabric of our outfits while cycling. So that’s why Parker Dusseau came up with the men’s commuter suit, a suit that is ‘the perfect intersection of cycle gear and mens fashion’.

The exterior fabric is an ‘Australian 135 Performance Superwool’ that contains spandex (for stretch) and a moisture resistant finish. It’s also anti-microbial (no more bad smells upon arriving to work) and it regulates your temperature, while also retaining ‘its insulating properties when wet’.

The suit comes in two colors, grey and navy, and will set you back a pretty penny: $485 for the suit jacket and $245 for the suit pant. Youch!

Via Parker Dusseau